Day Out in Paris

August 31, 2010 § 13 Comments

Last weekend I went to Paris to visit some galleries. On the way we had to take the tram, I did not have time to sketch there and then but I took a photo and I sketched from that.

First I did a small sketch in my moleskin just with pencil and pen.

Then when I got home I traced what I drew and put it on another page and coloured it with watercolour. I like the result; I like the simplicity of the shapes and the colours. Although I wonder should I put pen on the top or not? Usually with my other watercolours I have added pen and they look so much better but this time I am not sure if it will make it better.

What do people think?


§ 13 Responses to Day Out in Paris

  • Vicki says:

    Hi Jessica, I think I would add a bit of pen, but I am by no means necessarily the person to ask.

    I am a rank beginner.

    An idea would be to print out a copy of the image to try it on first and then if you like it, add it to your sketchbook.


  • Alex Tan says:

    I really like the perspective and how everything just go deep in the center =) I think the angle is awesome, love the sketch!

  • nancy t says:

    I like it just the way it is. Watercolors can look better with some ink in them, but I love the looseness of this one. And, like Alex said, the perspective is really great! nancy

  • Sarah says:

    Unless you’re completely happy, experiment (if you are happy, trust your judgement and leave it alone)- I think that’s what sketches and sketchbooks are for. If it doesn’t work out you’ll have learned something for next time, if it does you’ll also have learned something for next time.

  • I love the colours but think I’d add pen & ink. But that’s just because I like it – doesn’t mean you should do it!

  • I like the idea of printing off a few copies of it. I’d try adding some more soft shadows the further away the perspective is fading into the background. But I love pen and ink over watercolor too. You could try different colors of ink. You might be surprised when you try a medium gray or dark gray instead of black. Pencil looks good over watercolor too. Play around with it! That’s how we all learn. And I’m no watercolor specialist either! so your call. Love the perspective also!

  • donna noble says:

    I agree. I would test it with tracing paper or a copy. I hope you let us know which you decide. It is a terrific drawing as is.

  • Raena says:

    I love the idea of making copies and trying several techniques. No risk that way! Lovely sketches!

  • Margaret says:

    What a great sketch. I go with the majority – print copies and experiment! I hope you will show us some of the results?

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