Chartre’s Library

September 1, 2010 § 12 Comments

I spend most of my time in this magnificent building, flicking through art books and reading comics. The architecture of this building is amazing it is like a mini castle, I just love it. So I decided to draw it.

The paper looks a bit stained but the original is fine

I am really happy with the finished drawing, some of the perspective is wonky but I think it gives the drawing character. Previously the building was used as a post office. The TPT on the front of the building stands for Telephone, Post and Telegramme.

On the group EDM (Everyday Matters) there was a conversation about how people feel awkward when people watch them draw. I had never really drawn out in the open, so today I finally understood them feeling a bit uneasy. I had many people sitting next to me and commenting, which was fine they were all nice and pleasant. Just the most awkward was when someone was watching me from behind for literally about 5minutes until he finally said “C’est bien”.  But I had many nice comments and I was happy to practice my bad French.


§ 12 Responses to Chartre’s Library

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