Blind Contour Friday

September 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

Last Friday I was busy helping the L-a-b prepare for the weekend’s event. We had a stall and were advertising what we did in the L-a-b (I was doing pom pom workshops). So I never had time to do blind contour Friday on time. Instead I did it on Monday, I decided to attempt to do a flower pot.

It think it was a difficult subject, there was so much detail with the leaves and the flowers, which made it hard to decide what to draw and what not to. My first attempt the pot was too big and the flowers were too small. The second my flowers were floating in the air, and the third I tried to do a continuous line, which was probably the most successful out the three.

This week I decided to do toothpaste and a toothbrush. Again I started with doing the pots too big. So I decided to get rid of the pot and draw them by themselves. I like the final result, I like the irregular shape of the toothpaste, and how you can tell it has been squeezed.


§ One Response to Blind Contour Friday

  • Hi Jessicca, I think all of your blind contour drawings are successful! You selected subjects with all sorts of interesting shapes and lines. I do agree, the drawing of the toothbrush and tooth paste is fun!

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