Murakami Exhibition in Versailles

September 21, 2010 § 5 Comments

On Sunday I went to Versailles, not to see the Château itself but to see a contemporary exhibition by Takashi Murakami.

Murakami is a manga and anime illustrator who transforms his illustrations into to sculptures. 22 of his major works are exhibited in Versailles, 11 of which were made for the exhibition. Some of the public thought that exhibiting this type of contemporary work in Versailles was outrageous, a disgrace to the beauty that is Versailles. But they also said that about the Louvre pyramid, now one of the most visited attractions in Paris.

To be honest I am not a huge fan of Versailles. I appreciate the building and why people like it but I find it too crowded, the decoration is too much, and it is too gold. (I would rather see a medieval castle). So I felt the Murakami exhibition really fit with its surroundings. His sculptures were big, really colourful and some of them had some much going on. He also made a couple of sculptures golden, to reflect the amount of gold in the room.

I really enjoyed looking at his work. His sculptures were so impressive, fun, colourful and the finish on them was perfect. I loved the details and from different areas you had so many things to look at. Like on one sculpture, the hair had some skulls in, and in the skulls eyes more skulls and more skulls in those eyes. So overall I loved the exhibition!

Also if you fancy looking at Versailles but might never be able to go; on google maps street view, you can look around the outside of Versailles and at the garden and the many fountains. You can also look at Marie Antoinette’s Trianon and her gardens. I also visited the Trianon on Sunday, it was very beautiful and had more subtle décor. Marie Antoinette ordered a small village to be made for her in the Trianon’s gardens. The village was amazing and so perfect, no wonder she preferred living there than to Versailles.

However something strange was going on with the fishes…


§ 5 Responses to Murakami Exhibition in Versailles

  • Wow…I don’t want to seem close-minded, but I’m with the crowd that thinks this kind of stuff in Versailles is outrageous. I know that art, like so many things, is really what we make of it, but uh…this is definitely not my cup of bubble tea.

    Poor fishes :(

  • I understand that many people do not like Murakami’s art, and I respect your view. However his work really fits with the surroundings. Big, bold and in your face. I do not see why it is outrageous because it is like saying Versailles is a holy place and should not be touched but it is not it is just a castle. Plus the sculptures were placed in rooms and nothing was drilled or touched to harm the building.

    Also Louis XIV the sun king, was really hype in his time and was always up to date with fashion and the newest art things going on. So if he was still alive in this era he would be applauding this exhibition and it is what is ‘in’ at the moment.

    I think this exhibition might have even drawn in a different crowd that might never have thought or going to Versailles. :)

    Sorry if I sound like I am getting at you, but I am not, just I really liked it.

    • I think he is the Japanese equivalent to Damien Hurst. You either like his work or you really do not like it, and quite often they cause controversy.

      But that is art always pushing the boundaries, causing discussion and debate, because not everyone can have the same tastes. Or life would be boring ;)

  • p.s, it was a pretty hot day so I guess that is why the fish were on the surface. Then they started chasing bread people were throwing in for the ducks..

  • Sandra says:

    The art was a bold as the building. Nothing like shaking up the establishment. Weren’t there complaints about the Impressionist:) Thanks for sharing.

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