October 26, 2010 § 9 Comments

9 months ago in December for Marion’s birthday, one of her friends gave her a wonderbox for a present. This wonderbox was to spend a night somewhere; since we are moving back to England on Sunday we thought we better use it.

We decided to stay in a yurt which was based near Niort. When we arrived the host welcomed us with some house Pineau, which is always nice! The yurt was really pretty and cute; it was all hand painted with typical Mongolian patterns. It smelt slightly of animals (which was quite pleasant), since the ropes are made out of horse hair and the walls are padded with sheep’s wool.

The bright colours gave me a good reason to try out my new promarkers. I felt more comfortable using these than watercolour also the strong finish really fit with the context.

The centre was held up with two poles; and the roof was covered in loads of beams, holding up the structure. In the background of this drawing you can slightly the sketches of the poles and the door.

The front door was just as beautiful as the poles; in the front you had the glass windows. Then behind was the front door. When you closed the door you could see the patterns of it through the glass.

At night time it got a bit cooler but once you were in bed you soon warmed up. The next day the host gave us a full basket of food for breakfast; which was all bio and organic. It was a very nice day away.


Old House Series

October 19, 2010 § 10 Comments

Finally I have started to add some colour in to the ‘places I have lived’ series. However I am not sure if I like it. I know the drawing I have done showing the view from my room (below) would not be so effective. You would not be able to tell all the beautiful colours of this season. But I am not sure how to explain it; I feel that it is not me.


Maybe it is the medium I am using; I think I would like to try using a medium that is more controlled like my line drawings.


October 16, 2010 § 6 Comments

In World War II German forces occupied Royan long after the liberation of France. In 1945 the Royal Air Force bombed Royan destroying 85% of the centre. In the 1950’s the town was rebuilt with modern architecture in that time. One of the most interesting buildings is the cathedral.

The Cathedral is built using concrete, where the previous cathedral was neo-gothic. When I heard the cathedral was built in concrete I thought it was going to be really ugly. However I did not expect a towering building with so many interesting dimensions. Inside it was brightly lit with long thin stained glass windows. I really enjoyed looking at the stained glass, it was not the usual stained glass, telling the story of the bible with figures. Instead the story was told in abstracted stained glass, which I found beautiful, the colours were so immense.


October 13, 2010 § 7 Comments

Aizecq is a tiny village where my partner’s (Marion) grandma used to live. Sadly she passed away two years ago; however the house still belongs to the family. Last Friday we went with Marion’s father, auntie and uncle to help start clearing out the house. While everyone was busy sorting out the dusty old furniture, I took some time out to draw the house.

I know I said in my last comments my next drawing will be in colour, since we had to wake up at 8 (not used to getting up that early lately) I forgot to take any medium with colour in it. I particularly like how I have drawn the bush next to the house.

After the sketch I rummaged through the boxes Marion was sorting out and I found some interesting treasures. One of the treasures was a box of stamps; the stamps are adverts for a company called Astra. One the stamps it tells you what type of oil the company uses in their margarine, with some nice drawing of people climbing trees and different nuts. I thought it was an inventive way for a company to advertise.

I tried using the stamps, however they are about 46years old, so the wood has slightly wrapped. Meaning it was difficult to show the full design on the stamp.

Another treasure I found was Marion’s dad’s matchbook collection. Some are from when he went travelling in Scandinavia on a boat tour when he was 18. I am not sure where the others are from but they have some pretty designs on.

Sainte Sévère

October 7, 2010 § 15 Comments

The move from Chartres to Charente went well. Currently I am living at my partner’s father’s house until we move back to England at the end of October start of November. The town is called Sainte Sévère and it is in the Charente region of France. It is a small town with 500 habitants, it does not have much; a Marie, a church and a graveyard. So it is a big contrast compared to Chartres, but it is very peaceful. I was starting to get sick of the mopeds going past our street in Chartres.

Just before leaving Chartres I took a photograph of the building as I did not have time to sit and draw it. However I made a drawing from the photo. As you can see it is not the prettiest building, but it was perfectly situated in the town. Our flat was above the flat with flowers in the middle.

I have started to draw some furniture in my partner’s father’s house. A lot of the furniture has been passed through the family or brought from auctions, so there is some nice thick wooden furniture. Also there is a nice fireplace; however it is too warm to put it on at the moment.

As I mentioned earlier there is not a lot in the town, so I decided to pop to the graveyard and see if it was inspiring enough to do some drawings. I remember when I was younger I was really scared of graveyards and my parents had to take detours so we did not pass one. However being older I find them beautiful and so peaceful. I love the old tombs that are starting to decay and that nature is starting to take over. I only had time to do one sketch before hungry struck. But I will definitely go back and do more.

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