Sainte Sévère

October 7, 2010 § 15 Comments

The move from Chartres to Charente went well. Currently I am living at my partner’s father’s house until we move back to England at the end of October start of November. The town is called Sainte Sévère and it is in the Charente region of France. It is a small town with 500 habitants, it does not have much; a Marie, a church and a graveyard. So it is a big contrast compared to Chartres, but it is very peaceful. I was starting to get sick of the mopeds going past our street in Chartres.

Just before leaving Chartres I took a photograph of the building as I did not have time to sit and draw it. However I made a drawing from the photo. As you can see it is not the prettiest building, but it was perfectly situated in the town. Our flat was above the flat with flowers in the middle.

I have started to draw some furniture in my partner’s father’s house. A lot of the furniture has been passed through the family or brought from auctions, so there is some nice thick wooden furniture. Also there is a nice fireplace; however it is too warm to put it on at the moment.

As I mentioned earlier there is not a lot in the town, so I decided to pop to the graveyard and see if it was inspiring enough to do some drawings. I remember when I was younger I was really scared of graveyards and my parents had to take detours so we did not pass one. However being older I find them beautiful and so peaceful. I love the old tombs that are starting to decay and that nature is starting to take over. I only had time to do one sketch before hungry struck. But I will definitely go back and do more.


§ 15 Responses to Sainte Sévère

  • Alex Tan says:

    awesome sketches! =)

  • Sarah says:

    I like your lines :-)

    Where will you be living in the UK?

  • Cathy says:

    Funny how something that scared you so much as a child is now a place you go to make art! Good sketches, your dad’s place sounds nice.

    • Yeah, it is fun how your perspective changes as you get older. I can understand why I was really scared, with all the crumbling old tombs and the dead 6 feet under. But now I love crumbling and decaying buildings! I find them very charming. :)

  • nancy t says:

    Lovely sketches and interesting narrative! nancy

  • lovely sketches! Hw about some added color?

  • Joan/Jesse says:

    You have a most unusual technique for drawing. It’s instantly recognizable, but I can’t put my finger on what that “unique” quality is. Spare, clean, delightful.

    I’m glad you got the exterior of your building in Chartres. Now you need to add your face to the window of your apartment…haha

    Will you be living in the UK permanently? Is that your native land? I look forward to seeing your drawings from there.

    • Hehe I will try and draw myself one day. However it will be a difficult challenge!

      Thank you for your nice comments. If someone asked me to describe my style I would not know what to say but I can now ;)

      I want to draw the outside of the place I am living now. Well I am actually living in a converted garage so it should not be too hard to draw. But Jean Micheal’s house (partners dad) is very unusual. I think the floorplan will be very confusing!

      England is my native land and I am not sure how long I will be living there for, but I have to search for a job so probably a few years.

  • Dan says:

    Your lines are wonderful and they say so much! I know from reading the comments that you are afraid of color- and you don’t need to do anything – but if you want to, you are a natural for watercolors. I had to simplify my drawings to add color – yours are right where they need to be. Whenever fear delays my art and I finally begin, I end up kicking myself for haveing wasted so much time! So I recommend that you dive right in (you don’t have to post them, after all.)

    • Your words are very wise! My next drawing will include colour and you are right I do not have to post it! Like a terrible rabbit I drew and it’s head looked like a skeleton. It was pretty bad hehe :)

  • Raena says:

    Lovely lines and narrative!

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