October 13, 2010 § 7 Comments

Aizecq is a tiny village where my partner’s (Marion) grandma used to live. Sadly she passed away two years ago; however the house still belongs to the family. Last Friday we went with Marion’s father, auntie and uncle to help start clearing out the house. While everyone was busy sorting out the dusty old furniture, I took some time out to draw the house.

I know I said in my last comments my next drawing will be in colour, since we had to wake up at 8 (not used to getting up that early lately) I forgot to take any medium with colour in it. I particularly like how I have drawn the bush next to the house.

After the sketch I rummaged through the boxes Marion was sorting out and I found some interesting treasures. One of the treasures was a box of stamps; the stamps are adverts for a company called Astra. One the stamps it tells you what type of oil the company uses in their margarine, with some nice drawing of people climbing trees and different nuts. I thought it was an inventive way for a company to advertise.

I tried using the stamps, however they are about 46years old, so the wood has slightly wrapped. Meaning it was difficult to show the full design on the stamp.

Another treasure I found was Marion’s dad’s matchbook collection. Some are from when he went travelling in Scandinavia on a boat tour when he was 18. I am not sure where the others are from but they have some pretty designs on.


§ 7 Responses to Aizecq

  • Lynn Roselli says:

    Wow! I am glad you found their treasures! It’s tough process. I had helped a friend clean out her mother’s house when she passed a way. We found all kinds of things she collected…stickers and shoulder pads….unfortunately we could not ask her why the shoulder pads.
    Really nice sketch of the house.

    • That is fun! Why would you collect shoulder pads they are not even pretty, hehe :)
      I also forgot to mention she kept all her letters, and some were from her father when he was at war. And sadly there were a lot of black letters for when people died. It must of been a horrible experience to receive the black bordered envelop.

  • nancy t says:

    What a charming house, and you rendered it very nicely. You found some really interesting things, too. Those matchbooks are lovely! nancy

  • Cathy says:

    I really like the matchbox collection, interesting house!

  • Mari says:

    What a neat looking house (nice drawing), I like the doors. And the tresures are very nice, I especially like the match boxes. I grew up in Scandinavia and my dad used to collect matchbox covers when he was a young kid… I have his collection and I was just going through some of them, love the illustrations of them.

  • Raena says:

    Interesting post! That house has a lot of character and you drew it very well!

  • Alex Tan says:

    Very nice sketch of the house. I wish I have the patience to do that

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