Old House Series

October 19, 2010 § 10 Comments

Finally I have started to add some colour in to the ‘places I have lived’ series. However I am not sure if I like it. I know the drawing I have done showing the view from my room (below) would not be so effective. You would not be able to tell all the beautiful colours of this season. But I am not sure how to explain it; I feel that it is not me.


Maybe it is the medium I am using; I think I would like to try using a medium that is more controlled like my line drawings.


§ 10 Responses to Old House Series

  • jill cooper says:

    I like the top drawing with the colour in, I like that you left a lot of ink and only did some areas. I often do drawings with no colour in and I do like plain ink dawings, how about doing drawings in different coloured ink if that is what you like. Have you seen Andrea Josephs sketchblog, she uses different inks. I like your work anyway

  • Minerva says:

    The green tree on the middle drawing is really attractive and well done!
    Have you considered adding just one color at a time? I have the same issue when applying color. Limiting the palette helps to ease the “this-is-not-me” feeling.

  • Cathy says:

    I like what you’ve done so far, even just a touch of colour looks good.

  • Alex Tan says:

    Really nice ones! I love the consistency of the lines… I can never draw lines that straight without a ruler ^^

  • Joan/Jesse says:

    You have such a distinctive style, your lines are unique. I don’t think the color adds anything to your drawings…mind you, this is just my opinion and not to be taken personally.

  • Janene says:

    I like these a lot. How do you think it would work to ink in the background lightly, then add a little color so it is kind of a hybrid with the foreground? The color is well-done but the two styles (foreground pen and ink/background watercolor washes) are so different that it is a little disconcerting, imo. Bravo to you for being willing to experiment though!

  • i love the top one the most!

  • Raena says:

    Also look at Bogema’s flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8084580@N06/ I love the way she uses pens and markers to add color to her work. These are very nice!

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